Fake 50 Dollar Bills


Our Fake 50 Dollar Bills are a form of counterfeit money to buy online that, to the untrained eye, look nearly identical to genuine ones.

The print’s design elements and/or close inspection for minute inconsistencies are two quick checks for shoddy workmanship.

Also, we have $50 items available for purchase based on the designs of the series from 2004 (and 2004A), 2006 (and 2006A), 2009 (and 2009A), and 2013 (and 2013A).

In addition to its realism and high print quality, this series is a hit with our clientele. These counterfeits are perfectly usable at retail establishments and eating establishments.

We ship more 2013 series $50 bills than any other series since they are the most popular and most recent $50 bill in circulation. After this comes the super dollar bill (fake 100-dollar note).

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