How To Place An Order

Please kindly follow these simple steps below to place your order:

Step 1: Browse our Shop

Visit our Shop and put the products you want in your shopping cart.

Step 2: View your Cart

To view your cart, click the shopping cart icon at the upper right corner of the screen. If everything seems good, finalise your purchase. Just hit the checkout button.

Step 3: Billing and Shipping Information

Please provide your shipping and payment addresses. If you’re having your order shipped somewhere other than your billing address, you’ll need to select that option. Please update your information now if it has changed, since it will be used for auto-fill after your first order as a member.
It is important to note that orders sent to the wrong address because of erroneous information will not be refunded.

Step 4: Send Payment

When you complete our Secure Checkout with your preferred method of payment, an email or text with our cashier’s payment details will be sent to you regarding your preferred mode of payment.

Step 5 – Place your Order

If you accept the terms and conditions, please click the Place Order * button.